Thinnest aloe slice I’ve ever done ✅ #foryou #fyp #satisfying #sosatisfying #oddlysatisfying

original sound - sosatisfying

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Slipinna: @tilldeathwedoartt found another one
waaaah: pov a gacha dueted this
Ethan Schrock: @bosslikejori not thinner than my hair
Luis Dean: @haleyhydee this is so satisfying
alondra rodriguez 💘: thought it would b cake 😣
Mandy Bee: How www
Tushiya: 👁️👄👁️why is this me trying to cut something, or getting cut by something
Cayden Dunn: Who else thought it was somehow hollow
$ound bø@rd güy: I love this loop 💘
Nova: hits different
JOHNNY FOM: when i see two sosatisfiying vids in a row
🌚: did i get here...
J_b1423: try even thinner slices to where the edges are transparent aswell
Letty: Now put it in resin and make it an earring 🧐
Diana: Nice
alex muñoz: woah
ryan watson: so thats what my arms see
Jrworld2010: Loop
Rel: Fry it lol