Turning @k0uvr Butter Pecan #hair #hair extensions #hair style #fyp #foryou #foryou page #beforeandafter


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not okay 🥺🥺🥺: omg i love this
☀️ NURSEJESSJESS ☀️: Beauuuutifullllllll
Shaikha🤍🦋: Georgeous💗💗💗
Emily🐢: Yasss kouvr!!
Emily Davis ✰: IT LOOKS SO GOOD
lifestyle: Omg so pretty!
💗: omg its so pretty 💕🥺
dunkin 🥺💞: Alex is a lucky guy
Blissed✨: this is why I got trust issues
Libby: Wooooooo
Mara🥺💓: If ur reading this ur pretty
sydney :): so pretty
Melissa Johnson: I want to do this
Brianna7: You look so pretty
mar: wow! it looks great!
Shiraz Shukrun: She looks amazing!!! U can tell she feels so happyyy
Wickedkat56: How did they put the string connecting to each Extention ? And is that what they sew the big piece onto?