Ro Dolla$$🤑


She took my nose virginity. #army #military #navy #airforce #marines #medic #injury #deployed #ouch #america #foryoupage


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Johnny C: Who here almost sneezed watching this
🤪: I can’t even tolerate when the doctor swabs my nose and that’s not even deep😩
Kenzie: I would sneeze blood if I did that
Ro Dolla$$🤑: @tony.larocco recorded this🖤
Aaron Vargas: At least he will be fine getting the coronavirus test
None: Thank you for your service
._.SNAX._.: Ouchy Thank you for your service 🙏😊 respect ✊
@vijaynaidu: What is this for?
:/: I was holding my nose the whole time 😤🤧 🙊
Rachei💕🦋: Umm you did this for what?
NCP🔛🔝: Me just sitting there like 👁👄👁
Quin Brown: what is this ment to be
bob duncan: remind me to join the air force, thanks for the service tho 🇺🇸
Joyce Ann Wert: This would have been useful during my coke addiction. But ok
laila: the caption 💀
Noelle Bethany: Thank you for your service 🌹
Binjingy: What is that supposed to do
Elusivexd: Imagine someone poured hot sauce in it
charli grace d: this hurt my nose while watching